I’m Back

People. Team. Bitches. Guys. Fam. Bros. Hoes. Sisters. Misters. Girls. Dudes. Anything else I might call you. I’m back. I took a break. My perfectionist, insecure, self-doubting, success fearing, uggghhhhh side took me away. Rather than empower my doubts I need to embrace my power, my words, my thoughts, my humor, my “potty mouth”. I’m refining a couple posts. They will be here the coming weeks. It’s a promise. If you know me you know I don’t make threats I only make promises…. (insert “winky” emoji)…

Let’s talk skin.

If you are like me you have spent the last 20 years or so trying every skincare product you can. Oh, you’re not like me? Want to bet?

For starters I am completely obsessed with skincare products. Masks, creams, serums, cleansers. You name it, I love it. Drugstore or Luxury? BOTH!

I feel like every day, week, month, and season my skin changes. There are two consistent traits that I have. My skin is either all dry or has annoying dry patches, and it has begun the aging process. This visible aging part is new…

When I first noticed very fine lines, and a change in my under eye texture I totally panicked! I’m not old enough for this! Time to upgrade the creams and serums. Is it time to start looking at fillers and injections? HELL NO. I took a few breaths and started to consider my current routine. Was I causing this?

I always start my morning and end my day cleansing my skin. It’s as natural to me as brushing my teeth. I use my tried and true favorite cleanser, Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel ($25, www.tartecosmetics.com, it’s vegan!). In the morning I do this in the shower then spend the next hour or so drinking my coffee, watching The Office, and letting my hair partially dry in my turban. Trust me, it’s a real sight. Once I finally accept the idea that I must get ready for work, I move to my vanity to play with my makeup and fight with my hair.

This is it. This is my entire morning routine. My nighttime routine includes using my favorite cleanser and isn’t really that different from the morning. The Office is usually still included and wine replaces the coffee. The only additions I have at night are makeup removal and moisturizer.

Side note: I suppose you can consider my IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ ($38, www.ulta.com) to also be skin care. If you don’t already know CC is Color Correcting. This is my “day off” foundation. I also use it as my primer each morning. It blurs imperfections, hydrates, and contains SPF, which we all need.

After analyzing my routine it’s obvious what I’m doing now is not nearly enough.

I noticed immediately that I am missing two huge steps in the skin care process. HYDRATION and EXFOLIATION! Honestly, I always thought that using the CC Cream for daytime was enough. I decided to make a couple of changes.

I’ve now started to moisturize every single morning, including an eye cream. I’m using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream ($19.99 each, www.ulta.com). It made a huge difference! My makeup application is much smoother. It even looks and feels better through the day.

When I get home every night I use the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm ($29.50, www.sephora.com). It is the only makeup remover that does not irritate my super sensitive eyes. I cleanse and then I use my holy grail moisturizer, Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer ($39, www.sephora.com). I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. Unfortunately, I don’t love the way my makeup lays over it so I don’t use it for daytime. For some reason my makeup appears patchy, most likely by user error not allowing it enough time to fully absorb. Anyways, off track here! Now that I’ve addressed my hydration issues I know I need to look at exfoliation. You can’t generate new healthy skin without getting rid of the old dead skin!

I did this recently by doing something I always thought was ridiculous. I signed up for a subscription box. The Fab Fit Fun Summer Box (www.fabfitfun.com). There were a few items in there I was really interested in. BUT the one that sold me and that I’m going to talk about is the FOREO LUNA fofo (not yet available, $39.99 for subscription, www.foreo.com). It is amazing! This fancy little device is the ultimate silicone facial cleansing disc. It has two zones of cleansing surfaces for different areas of your face. What makes it truly unique are the two little gold sensors on the back that analyze your current skin quality. FOREO has an app for your phone that wirelessly connects to your LUNA and analyzes, then instructs you how to cleanse, your skin. The entire process takes under 90 seconds. It shows you how long to spend with the disc in certain areas of your face. It monitors your hydration and skin health levels.

I have been using my LUNA every morning and night for the past week. This little device has taken my skin to a whole new level. My pores are smaller. I have no dry patches. My skin has more bounce and more of a fresh look. I am a major fan! My skin has not looked this good since I was a toddler!

This is my new daily routine. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on trying new things, or on my love of masks! Be sure to check out reviews soon!


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Thank you!

Thank you so so so much everyone for the love and support and the sincere well wishes. I am working on 2 updates for you to be up in the near future.  I hope you enjoy learning me “About me” and the very first Travel post! They should, fingers crossed, be ready by Saturday night. My goal is to post 2 times per week until June. I would like to pick it up to 3 times per week after that. As I mentioned in my “Here we go…” post my work life is crazy right now.

On a side note is anyone else watching “Harry Potter: A History” on WGN tonight? I am LOVING it! If you see it replayed or on demand watch it! I am a total Harry Potter fanatic! The explanation of where and how J.K Rowling sourced and researched her topics is truly spectacular.

My final little thought for tonight is to ask you a question. Is there anything that interests you the most? I plan to post quite often and evenly on my passions but would I love to know where my readers have the most interest! Travel? Beauty? Food & Wine? Design? Let me know for next week!..

Thank you again for all the love and support. It makes my heart smile.

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