Travel tip of the week…

I’m traveling soonish. Shocking, I know. It’s only for a few days unfortunately.

I despise the idea of the mail piling up in my mailbox, even if only for a couple days! I wish I felt the same about my email… I learned a few years ago that there is a super easy solution. The United States Postal Service offers a hold mail option. No, not the one you are thinking about! Previously, I would go to the local Post Office, stand in the line from hell for who knows how long (insert irritated eye roll), to fill out, then turn in a postcard to hold the mail. I would then stand in the same line of impatient, complaining, sometimes smelly, people to pick up the held mail when I returned. Frustrating doesn’t even describe it. Since, you know, standing in line is totally the first thing you want to do after a trip.

Flashback to 2015/2016 when I was planning my sister’s bridal shower. I had to purchase what felt like a million stamps. She has a problem where she wants to invite everyone she has ever met, to every function. BUT this isn’t about her and the fact that I never have to throw another shower for her…ever… thank GOD. This one is totally my fault. I have a slight problem when it come to coordinating events. EVERYTHING needs to be on theme. For her shower I planned a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, that was actually a Seis de Mayo Fiesta… BUT again off topic, like I said, EVERYTHING needs to be on theme. Lucky for me during that time the USPS had one of their special designed stamps. They were Papel Picado, also known as Mexican Paper Art. They were colorful, and gorgeous and 100% on theme. While standing in the aforementioned line from Hell I read a sign. It advertised the USPS website and all the tasks you could now do there…

YOU CAN STOP YOUR MAIL ONLINE!!!! It’s super easy and you can do it 1-30 days prior to going out of town. They will hold your mail at the local Post Office and you can choose if you want to pick it up yourself, or have your carrier deliver it the next day. Guys, this is a game changer! I created a USPS account that now allows me to start and stop deliveries, track my packages, and order any postage or supplies I need. Damn, I love the internet.

The website is and you simply go to the “Quick Tools” to set your Hold Mail preferences. Try it out! You won’t regret it! I can now avoid the whining, complaining, slow moving, sometimes smelly, people inside the Post Office. If only I could avoid these people in the airport…

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