Christina. 29 for the 6th time. Stereotypical Leo.

Daughter of retired and ready to roll adventure seekers. Sister to a beautiful, dedicated, stubborn teacher and (in-law) to a Nascar loving, 300,000 mile Chevy driving, blue line tripping, giant. Auntie to both a crazy chickadee who loves adventures, creativity and all T.Swift music, and a ferocious, “advanced,” hysterical, little peanut butter cup. Both these beauties will change the world… White House here we come!  Granddaughter to a living legend, I can only pray I will have as many stories, and experiences… Life long friend to some of the funniest, strongest, and smartest people on Earth.

Michigander. Floating between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Branch Manager at THE Best Regional Bank in the country. Mediocre Blogger. Disgruntled Detroit sports fan. Makeup obsessed. Fine wine and beer connoisseur. Mermaid. Food fanatic. Wicked case of Wanderlust. Lover of design. Believer that every day is a blessing and should be greeted and treated as one.

I know there are many more “traits.”  I’m not going to get crazy here. I read a blog recently that took over 10 minutes to read the “About.” You’ll learn enough through all of the posts!

3 Basic Rules of Engagement:

  1. Participation is required. Give me ideas and tips! Did you recently visit an awesome new restaurant? Where would you love to travel? Not sure how to prepare a certain meal? Looking for a specific makeup look or product review? Let me know!
  2. I STRONGLY believe that politics do not get discussed over the internet. You want to discuss politics? Call me. We can meet for a cocktail and have an educated conversation. Feel the urge to leave a political comment on one of my posts? I will delete it. I will block you from further comments. Get your own blog.
  3. Be kind. Not to only me, but to each other. Again, I will delete and block you.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ellen

    I’m happy to see you’re finally doing this blog, Chris! It’s been a long time coming…. I’m sure you’ve got enough stories & laughs to keep this going strong for a long time 😘🙌🏼


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