Christina. 29 for the 4th time. Stereotypical Leo.

Daughter to retired and ready to roll adventure seekers. Sister to a beautiful, dedicated, stubborn teacher and (in-law) to a Nascar loving, 300,000 mile Chevy driving, blue line tripping, giant. Aunt to a crazy chickadee who will not only grow up to be an Olympic Athlete, but who WILL change the world. Granddaughter to a living legend. Life long friend to some of the funniest, strongest, and smartest people on Earth.

Michigander. Floating between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Branch Manager at a Regional Bank. Mediocre Blogger. Disgruntled Detroit sports fan. Makeup obsessed. Fine wine and beer connoisseur. Mermaid. Food fanatic. Wicked case of Wanderlust. Lover of design. Believer that every day is a blessing and should be greeted and treated as one.

I know there are many more “traits.”  I’m not going to get crazy here. I read a blog recently that took over 10 minutes to read the “About.” You’ll learn enough through all of the posts!

3 Basic Rules of Engagement:

  1. Participation is required. Give me ideas and tips! Did you recently visit an awesome new restaurant? Where would you love to travel? Not sure how to prepare a certain meal? Looking for a specific makeup look or product review? Let me know!
  2. I STRONGLY believe that politics do not get discussed over the internet. You want to discuss politics? Call me. We can meet for a cocktail and have an educated conversation. Feel the urge to leave a political comment on one of my posts? I will delete it. I will block you from further comments. Get your own blog.
  3. Be kind. Not to only me, but to each other. Again, I will delete and block you.


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ellen

    I’m happy to see you’re finally doing this blog, Chris! It’s been a long time coming…. I’m sure you’ve got enough stories & laughs to keep this going strong for a long time 😘🙌🏼


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