I’m Back

People. Team. Bitches. Guys. Fam. Bros. Hoes. Sisters. Misters. Girls. Dudes. Anything else I might call you. I’m back. I took a break. My perfectionist, insecure, self-doubting, success fearing, uggghhhhh side took me away. Rather than empower my doubts I need to embrace my power, my words, my thoughts, my humor, my “potty mouth”. I’m refining a couple posts. They will be here the coming weeks. It’s a promise. If you know me you know I don’t make threats I only make promises…. (insert “winky” emoji)…

I know it has been over a year. Don’t judge. Just Love.

About me.

I just added the latest post in the “About” section. Click into the menu above!

Thank you!

Thank you so so so much everyone for the love and support and the sincere well wishes. I am working on 2 updates for you to be up in the near future.  I hope you enjoy learning me “About me” and the very first Travel post! They should, fingers crossed, be ready by Saturday night. My goal is to post 2 times per week until June. I would like to pick it up to 3 times per week after that. As I mentioned in my “Here we go…” post my work life is crazy right now.

On a side note is anyone else watching “Harry Potter: A History” on WGN tonight? I am LOVING it! If you see it replayed or on demand watch it! I am a total Harry Potter fanatic! The explanation of where and how J.K Rowling sourced and researched her topics is truly spectacular.

My final little thought for tonight is to ask you a question. Is there anything that interests you the most? I plan to post quite often and evenly on my passions but would I love to know where my readers have the most interest! Travel? Beauty? Food & Wine? Design? Let me know for next week!..

Thank you again for all the love and support. It makes my heart smile.

xoxoxo Christina